Old St. Gertrud's Church in Riga (Rīgas vecā Sv. Ģertrūdes baznīca)

Tagadējā baznīcas ēka celta 1864. - 1894. gadam, kad 10. augustā tornim uzliek krustu. Dievnamu iesvēta 1896. gada 2. martā. Ģertrūdes draudze ir nosaukta ceļotāju aizbildnes Sv. Ģertrūdes (626-659) vārdā.

Rīga, Latvija.
This Lutheran church is named after Saint Ģertrūde (626-659) and there are seven more churches built in her honour. The building is Gothic, having three aisles with the columns being of an interesting shade of green. The ceiling is 13 metres and the spire 63 metres high.
Riga, Latvia.

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Originated from a small fishermen village, for centuries Riga has been an important part of the trade chain between Russia and Western Europe. A lively crossroad of cultures and backgrounds for over 800 years, the historical centre of Riga has accumulated an impressive cultural baggage and today is justly included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.