Victoria Square Garden

First named Kiriakou Square but after 1960 changed name for as known today Victoria Square.Victoria Square has been named in honor of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, thanks to which, in 1864 granted to Greece the Ionian Islands as a gift.  The statue seen in the photo was made by the German sculpture Johannes Pfuhl  in 1938 and represent Theseus saving Hippodameia, from Greek Mythology.

Copyright: Marcos Foundoukas
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9480x4740
Taken: 14/10/2013
Uploaded: 17/10/2013
Updated: 26/09/2014


Tags: athens; metro; square; outdoors; people; restaurant; coffee; greece; centre; relax; drink; park; garden; mythology; theseus; hippodameios; statue; pfuhl
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