Viesturs Garden Park (The First Public garden in Rīga), Latvia.
Viesturs Garden Park todays name of the first in the history of Riga's public garden, which in 1721 was founded by Peter I called the First royal park (Petrovsky Park),park also received the official name of the King's garden. And the name stuck behind him until the renovation in 1923, when it was renamed the Garden Viesturs.
Copyright: Aleksandr Galiullin
Type: Spherical
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Taken: 08/05/2013
Uploaded: 08/05/2013
Updated: 15/05/2013


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Originated from a small fishermen village, for centuries Riga has been an important part of the trade chain between Russia and Western Europe. A lively crossroad of cultures and backgrounds for over 800 years, the historical centre of Riga has accumulated an impressive cultural baggage and today is justly included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.