View from the Marienbridge to Neuschwanstein castle

View from Marienbridge (german: 'Marienbrücke', also known as 'Pöllatbrücke') over to Neuschwanstein Castle.

The Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 1800's by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, or King Louis II, as a retreat. He used his own money, rather than borrowing from the public funds of Bavaria. Ludwig had wanted the castle for several years as homage to his friend Richard Wagner. It was not until Ludwig's father passed in 1868, that he had the money to pay for the construction. (Source: http://www.castle-neuschwanstein.com/en/)

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Tags: neuschwanstein; castle; schloss; schloß; courtyard; innenhof; hohenschwangau; marienbrücke; pöllatbrücke; maria; bridge
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Burkhard Koerner
Blick von der Marienbruecke auf Neuschwanstein
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Neuschwanstein Castle - Marien-Bridge
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Marien Bridge
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Flying near Neuschwanstein Castle
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Neuschwanstein Castle from Marienbrücke
Burkhard Koerner
Poellatfall unterhalb der Marienbruecke
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Bayern, Germany, near Neuschwanstein Castle
Ivan Savin
Bayern, Germany, near Neuschwanstein Castle
Burkhard Koerner
Aussicht auf Hohenschwangau
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Castle Neuschwanstein, Bavaria
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Neuschwanstein Castle Courtyard
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