Vineyards near Sun Valley

On the development of viticulture and winemaking in Sun Valley (old name - Kozskaya valley, the valley goats), more than 100 years ago can be judged by the most authoritative French directory, 1886 Topography of famous vineyards.

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Tags: vineyards; crimea; sea; summer; sun
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PaVeL Bobkov
WC on the Fox Bay
Lisya Bay. Greeting the sun
Lisya Bay. "Frying Pan" path
Max Balyura
Above Fox Bay
PaVeL Bobkov
The market for fox bay
© Denis Gavrilin
Мыс Меганом. Ветрогенераторы.
Anton Kalkasov
PaVeL Bobkov
The Fox bay
Anton Kalkasov
Near the spring Echki-Dag (Bahr-Bash)
PaVeL Bobkov
Cape Meganom. Clay hills
Cape Meganom. Evening meditation
Florian Knorn
Festival Of World Cultures 2010
Florian Knorn
Carton The Morrison
Tom Sadowski
Fish Wheel #84, on the Banks of the Copper River, Near Chitina, Alaska
More noctilucent clouds
Kostas Kaltsas
Agios Nikolaos
Florian Knorn
Dublin Zoo Elefants
PK9 beach of Fakarava
Mark Fink
Rear Portico Vanderbilt Mansion Hyde Park NY
Jedsada Puangsaichai
The Sanctuary of Truth, North Wing
Federico Infanti
Dc3 Dakota cockpit
Andrey Yavolovsky
The Monument: The Chronicle of Georgia
Florian Knorn
World Cup 2010 - Public Viewing in Paris
PaVeL Bobkov
Street September 17
PaVeL Bobkov
Ghost-Town, Brest
PaVeL Bobkov
Ruzhany, Palace Sapieha. Indoor
PaVeL Bobkov
The Brest court yard
PaVeL Bobkov
Стадион девятки
PaVeL Bobkov
location-125-du-6id Roof
PaVeL Bobkov
location-125-du-6id, Arch
PaVeL Bobkov
Северные ворота Брестской крепости
PaVeL Bobkov
The Brest fortress. Terespol gate.
PaVeL Bobkov
Night Courtyard
PaVeL Bobkov
Chervonohrad market
PaVeL Bobkov
Politics - not for shkolie!
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