Visconti Castle
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Type: Spherical
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Updated: 20/02/2012


Tags: pavia; visconti; castle; castello
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Francesco Favalesi
Pavia - The three towers and the courtyard of Ateneo
Alessandro Ugazio
San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro Basilica
Francesco Favalesi
The three towers
Pietro Madaschi
Pavia: University - Università
Andrea Biffi
Pavia - Piazza del Carmine
Andrea Biffi
Pavia - Palazzo Mezzabarba
Andrea Biffi
Pavia - piazza del lino
Andrea Biffi
Pavia - Piazza del Duomo
Andrea Biffi
Pavia - torri medievali
Andrea Biffi
Pavia - piazza del Duomo
Alessandro Ugazio
San Michele Maggiore Basilica
Alessandro Ugazio
Porta Speciosa, Basilica di San Michele Maggiore
Andrea Biffi
La Sainte Chapelle
Jeff Scholl
Aerial above Foys Lake, Montana
Pascal Moulin
Avant-port et cale de radoub de Granville - France
Pouya Mohammadi
Shor Su Mineral Spring
Martin Hertel
Salzburg - Mozartsteg
Glen Claydon
Annupuri Peak Hut
Mladen Jovanovic
Kamala Beach
Bad Kleinkirchheim
Alpenfahrt Showroom
Plamen Penev
Old house
Jose Luis Perez
Bridge over the River
Darko Car
Wojciech Sadlej
Santa Maria In Aracoeli
Alessandro Ugazio
Nuraghe Santu Antine, east tower
Alessandro Ugazio
Alessandria, Piazza della Libertà: Bright Santa's sleigh and reindeer, Christmas 2011
Alessandro Ugazio
Museo Egizio
Alessandro Ugazio
Parco del Valentino - Fontana dei Mesi
Alessandro Ugazio
Alessandro Ugazio
A sheep herd in Nietzsche Street
Alessandro Ugazio
Verezzi - Roccaro
Alessandro Ugazio
Diwali Feast of Light - Murazzi del Po
Alessandro Ugazio
Campo di Ghetto Novo, Venice
Alessandro Ugazio
Frozen Fountain of the twelve months in Valentino Park
Alessandro Ugazio
Staircase to the olympic walkway
Alessandro Ugazio
Merda rosa (pink shit) in San Salvario
More About Pavia

Pavia is the capital of a fertile province known for agricultural products including wine, rice, cereals, and dairy products. Some industries located in the suburbs do not disturb the peaceful atmosphere which comes from the preservation of the city's past and the climate of study and meditation associated with its ancient University. The University of Pavia, together with the IUSS (Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia), the Ghislieri College, the Borromeo College, the Nuovo College, the Santa Caterina College and the EDiSU, belongs to the Pavia Study System. Furthermore, Pavia is the see city of the Roman Catholic diocese of Pavia. (more on Wikipedia)