Ruined Voskresenskiy Cathedral in the village Buregi

Voskresenskiy Cathedral Cathedral in the village Buregi. The cathedral was built in 1760, but in the thirties of the twentieth century, the Communists dropped from the domes and crosses. Major damage was also inflicted the cathedral during the Great Patriotic War. In the belfry of the Cathedral was a German firing point at which fired by liberators.

In the 70th year of the twentieth century, the cathedral was a warehouse of agricultural fertilizers. In the mid-80th years of the twentieth century, attempts were made to the restoration, but they stopped with the start of the Olympiad.

I should note that in spite of the collapsed walls and piles of bricks, there is very clean, no dirt, no trace of the fires, overnight homeless or graffiti on the walls. Amazingly well-preserved purity. Walls cracked internally be pretty scary, because is not known when the building collapsed. But on the walls of the traces of frescoes and paintings, and over the entrance still reads the text. Closer to the altar not to go - a huge crack in the wall facing collapse.

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