Vratna stone bridge

Natural Stone Bridges are one of natures magnificent formations and are regarded as natural treasures.

Out of 43 known natural stone bridges in the world 13 are located in small 100x100Km part of Eastern Serbia.

The most spectacular of these complexes is Vratna Stone bridge complex.

It is located in Vratna canyon nature reserve. It is home to 3 massive stone bridges. Scientists believe that once they where all part of the same river-cave system, and after ceiling collapsed only 3 bridges where left standing. First 2 arches "Big and small gate" (including the one in this pano) are located aprox 20min walk from Vratna Monastery(and car parking) while third called "Dry gate" can be found deeper in the Vratna gorge after some 2 hours walk.

Copyright: Boris mrdja
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13900x6950
Uploaded: 14/05/2013
Updated: 06/08/2014


Tags: stone; bridge; nature; wild; formation; pano; panorama; 360; vlaška; magija; rock; perast; eastern; serbia; most; cave; pecina; cavern; gorge; prerast; canyon; river; vratna; gate; vrata; kapija; kamena; kameni; stubik; sarkamen; geology; sprit; vulva; majdampek; bor; negotin; krajna; monastery
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