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Vulture Conservation

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Vultures form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up dead carcasses, decreasing the spread of some diseases and playing a social role in some early societies, most notably the Egyptians and the Hindu. Today, they face an unprecedented onslaught from modern mans developments, including electrocutions and collisions with electrical structures, poisonings, land-use changes, decrease in food availability etc.

The vulture programme approaches vulture conservation in a multidisciplinary and networked fashion, with the benefit accruing to both the vulture and society at large. This is achieved by combining the disciplines of education and good science, with networking, capacity building and knowledge generation. The veterinary disciplines of toxicology, pharmacology, clinical pathology and medicine are combined with the science of cell-phone telemetry and the banking of genetic resources, with the end goal being of significantly influencing the well-being of our natural resources to the benefit of society. By focusing actions on the vulture, positioned at the top of the food chain (literally) and an indicator of the health of the environment below it, this project is destined to not only influence but also impact on the well-being of our natural environment.

With the many threats vultures are facing throughout southern Africa, vulture rehabilitation has become an essential part of the Vulture Programme. Collecting grounded, injured, poisoned and disabled vultures around South Africa, special emphasis within the Gauteng, North West and Limpopo Provinces, we are able to save many vultures that would have met their untimely death. By doing this, we are in a position release those that are fit and healthy back to their freedom and keep those that cannot be released, in captivity for breeding and educational purposes. Providing a safe haven for these misunderstood birds. As present, this is the only facility approved by Gauteng Nature Conservation and recognised by North West Conservation for vulture rehabilitation.

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The earliest fossil of the homo sapiens family (human beings) was found in Ethiopia, dating back more than 200,000 years. Compared to this length of time, even the "ancient Sumerians" from 6000 B.C. are drooling toddlers.

Let's mention a few African heroes you may have heard of, for inspiration in the face of the continued economic inequality and violence which plague Africa today: Nelson Mandela, first democratically elected President of South Africa, who fought against apartheid and served 27 years in prison while advocating freedom and peace. Haile Salassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, who resisted Mussolini and the fascist Italian invasion of WWII, and who is worshipped as an incarnation of God by the Rastafari movement. Kwame Nkrumah, first Prime Minister of Ghana, advocate of uniting Africa in Pan-Africanism. Fela Kuti, inventor of Afrobeat music, who declared his home to be an independent state, ran for president of Nigeria, and to whose funeral ONE MILLION PEOPLE came to pay their respects.

In June 2001 the African Union was formed, consisting of 53 African States organized, like in the EU, around common economic and political development.

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