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Weihai Liugongdao Ding Ruchang Apartments 2

Liu Kung Island Ding Ruchang residence: Located at west Weihai Liu Kung Island Beiyang navy prefect bureau 200 meters place to sunny slope on. Is Beiyang navy prefect Ding Ruchang's official residence, also calls the young Ding presidential palace. Constructed in 1888, the area 14000 square meters, before the garden, residence main body construction and back garden three parts. Around in the garden plants the flowers and plants bamboo broadly, the environment is lonesome and quiet. Center the first garden welcomes the front door place, in the past built has rockery 1, latter is destroyed, here presently is standing erect 1 height 3.80 meter Ding Ruchang bronze statues. The first garden east and west build the hexagon to accumulate pavilion 1 respectively, latter destroys in the flames of war, in 1989 recovered in the original address. Here field of vision is open, the Liu Kung Island naval port gets a panoramic view. Residence main body construction for the Qing Dynasty raising-of-truss method brick masony structure, layout according to Anhui Lake Chaohu Wang court attendant Nakamura Ding Ruchang former dwelling. A residence minute left, middle and right three cross courtyard, the mid-span courtyard is the central courtyard form, has the main hall, the thing side building and but actually the hall. The main hall is the Ding Ruchang room, pours the hall is the living room. In the courtyard the northwest corner has a Chinese wisteria which Ding you the crystal transplants personally, until now already over hundred remaining years of life, still luxuriant growth of leaves and branches. East the courtyard is the aide housing, west around the courtyard two enter, for Ding Ruchang family housing.

"the Beiyang navy Regulation" stipulated that the prefect may construct the official mansion in the station, the shipboard other military officers anchor all year long, the ashore does not construct the mansion. After the Ding Ruchang residence completes, Ding Ruchang and the family reach long time of the year in this housing, the armor noon defeat, after the Japanese forces seize Liu Kung Island, loots spatially one Ding Ruchang residence; When UK rents Weihaiwei and Liu Kung Island, the residence is warded off for the British armed forces Officers club; after 1949, here takes the navy barracks. in May, 1989, the Ding Ruchang residence after the repair opening to the outside world, in June, 1997, the Ding Ruchang residence warded off constructs is “the Ding Ruchang memorial hall”, the hall name painted by General Zhang Aiping. In the hall has recovered the Ding Ruchang bedroom, the living room and the studio, and wards off the Ding Ruchang life story display. In the memorial hall is exhibiting Ding Ruchang's relic, like the bed, the Longfeng anthocephalus chinensis table skirt, the jade impression, the correspondence draft manuscript, the porcelain tray, the table knife, the Japanese friends bestow stiletto and so on.

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