Weihai Liugongdao - the Northern Department of the Navy admirals - the door

Liugong Island Northern Navy admirals Weihai Department is one of the important monuments. Qing dynasty years (1887), the court established the Northern navy, and established a Dushu on the island, often called the Northern Admiral bureaucratic, command authority is the Northern Navy.

Admiral Department overlooking facing south, surrounded by Changyuan, covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, is an ancient brick buildings. There are three courtyards along the central axis, minutes before, during, and after three Hall. Before the Chamber, in the banquet hall, offering the hall at the back. Asked a campus-wide corridor through things.

Around the front of the turret for the Ming Jin, play music and look-at, east and west sides is Yuanmen. The building cornices painting houses, magnificent.

Admiral Yamen is 200 meters outside the Southwest Admiral Ding Yu's apartment. Two decades of the Qing dynasty (1894) Jiawu sea, the northern naval battle with the Japanese in the Yellow Sea. Admiral and Captain Ding Yu Deng Shichang fought bravely, and finally died.

Admiral Department is designated a Chinese Sino-Museum, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Jiang Zemin inscribed the museum name. The museum is also responsible for managing and protecting Dragon King Temple, Naval Academy, Navy officers and men of the Northern 28 Northern Navy Memorial Hall site.

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威海刘公岛-北洋海军将士纪念馆;Weihai Liugongdao - Navy officers and men of the Northern Memorial
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