Wendelsteinbahn brannenburg

Rail cars climb the mountain from the eastern side. The ride up is worth your while: you do not only get a breathtaking view from there but can also visit the Wendelstein chapel, the Wendelstein cave and the geopark.

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T. Emrich
Wendelstein Cave
T. Emrich
Wendelstein Cave Entrance
T. Emrich
Wendelstein osterhofen bayrischzell
Alexander Jensko
Wendelstein Top
Alexander Jensko
Wendelstein weather station
T. Emrich
Chapel on Wendelstein
T. Emrich
T. Emrich
Wendelstein Cable Railway
Markus Matern
Wendelstein Viewpoint "Gacher Blick"
T. Emrich
Wendelstein 'Gacher Blick'
T. Emrich
Wendelstein gebirge
T. Emrich
Renat Mansurov
Ak-Baur grotto in the rock with ancient rock paintings (Neolithic)
Ruediger Kottmann
Trier - Atrium Porta Nigra
Stephan Messner
Evening in Mostar /Bosnia i Herzegovina
Romain Calvetti
Parvis du Sacre Coeur, Paris
Ruediger Kottmann
Voelklinger Huette - Besuchergruppe am Abstich des Hochofens
Thang Bui
Military Museum
PaVeL Bobkov
Far thunder storm
Sandor Veress
Gellert Baths and Spa Budapest
Marketplace Coburg
Martin Broomfield
Chartres Cathedral
Tom Sadowski
Trans Alaska Pipeline near Copper Center, Alaska
Geoff Mather
Panotools 2010 Cider Farm Shop Devon Uk
T. Emrich
88north Panorama
T. Emrich
Scale Heli Team at MHM 2009
T. Emrich
Lorenz Church
T. Emrich
Steam Engine at Church Street Station
T. Emrich
Waterworks am Hochablass, Aerial View
T. Emrich
Chain Bridge
T. Emrich
The brants are back at the Englischer Garten
T. Emrich
Munich Heli Masters Show Flight
T. Emrich
View from Atrium
T. Emrich
Aerial View Augsburg SWA, 100m
T. Emrich
Almbach Canyon
T. Emrich
Cafe Corso
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