Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand - Feeding June the elephant
On the early morning of the 15th of April 2013, 75 year old elephant June passed away at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. June spend almost 3 years at WFFT after she was abandoned to die in the Surin elephant project village in 2010. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand gave this old woman 3 years of freedom, care and love after a life of slavery in the Thai tourist industry where she got hit with metal hooks on a daily basis. At the Wildlife Rescue Center she met Bua Ngun, another female elephant and they became close friends. After the death of Bua Ngun last week, June decided that this was the end of her life aswell and died in the forrest around the Wildlife Rescue Center after leaving her paddock. This panorama is an honor to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, to all the fantastic work that they do and of course to June herself. This picture shows June, somewhere in the last weeks of her life while she was being fed by one of the volunteers. For more information about the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, pleas visit http://www.wfft.org
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Tags: wildlife; rescue; wfft; elephant sanctuary; thailand; sustainable; tourism
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