Enercon E82 Wind Power Plant construction, Aerial View

Wind power plant: Enercon E-82

Rated power: 2,300 kW

Rotor diameter: 82 m
Hub height: 138 m
Turbine concept: Gearless, variable speed, single blade adjustment
Rotor Type: Upwind rotor with active pitch control
Rotational direction: Clockwise
No. of blades: 3 Swept area: 5,281 m²
Blade material: GRP (epoxy resin); integrated lightning protection
Rotational speed: variable, 6 - 18 rpm
Pitch control: ENERCON single blade pitch system, one independent pitch system per rotor blade with allocated emergency supply

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Copyright: T. emrich
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 20640x10320
Uploaded: 16/07/2013
Updated: 17/07/2014


Tags: powerplant; windrad; windgenerator; etzenhausen; enercon; e82; steinkirchen; dachau; energie; aerial; luftaufnahme; luftbild; power; plant; wind; windkraftwerk; luftpano; luftpanorama
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