Wish tree [Drvo želja]

Banjica is part of the city near the center of the River. The park is a nice middle with benches and paths for walking the shores of the river Moravice. In this section there are three hotels, a bathroom with natural mineral water (temperature 28 ° C, the nerve boesti leaflets), and the restaurant "Coka" on the riverbank. Below the restaurant is the prefect beach, one of the places that is a legend. Upstream from the beach in a small canyon has a few more places to swim around the rocks which are suitable for diving.

The park in Banjica, there is a tree - "Wish Tree". It is a plane tree with èudnovatim bumps, which "guarantees" the fulfillment of wishes to those who touch him and make a wish.

The best and quickest way to get if from the park to stroll in Banjica. Park ends just prefect beach. The largest and most famous beach, is located in the famous hotel Sokobanja under "Banjica". The prefect addition to a shallow area with sand for sunbathing, in a gorge between two rocks depth of about 4 meters, which corresponds to the fans jumping into the water. About how this place got its name from a legend. In ancient times, the ruler had a son Sokograd Zupan, who loved the girl, the daughter of Lord Vrmdžanskog, Lepteriju. Their love was great, but unfortunately prohibited. As rulers of the two cities did not allow married a young nobleman and LEPTERIJA, they are a sign of their eternal love unrequited but threw a rock Building, across the gorge Sokograd Moravice. The place where the girl's body to flush out the river was called by her people, and the Prefect body floats in place today's most popular beach. It is believed that the spirit and Zupan LEPTERIJA today helps unhappily in love. He who has the unhappy love, if you take a bath on the beaches by the end of life becomes happy in love. Because of the large fresh water Moravice and several deep whirlpools, weak swimmers are advised by experienced.

Slightly above the beach is a prefect "Strait". This is the beach where the river is narrowest Moravica in its flow, but very attractive for swimmers. Furthermore, above the beach "six-kit" and "three tubs" on the river Moravici is "a gentleman beach" - a place where sometimes gather nudists. Beaches are located approximately 500 m upstream of Zupan and very visited. They are named after the appearance of the rocks through which the river flows. Limestone massifs of the water so izlokani to resemble the barrels or. tubs. And these two beaches have places suitable for diving and very visited during the summer. In addition, they visited and also known as other beaches on the Moravici, which is located upstream of the following: A gentleman, mentioned Lepterija and old elm.

Text source: Banjica, Sokobanja

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