Worbis | Eichsfeld - Alternativer Bärenpark - Totempfahl

The totem pole Indians.

The Alternative Bear Park is the first of its kind in Germany since 1996 and came home from the zoo. Brown bears that were not kept appropriate to the species found in the spacious outdoor enclosure of the bear park for a new home. Here, the bears like to dig in the wild swim, and climb.

On the landscaped with ponds, woods and caves site, now feels a wolf pack at home. In addition to the park but also foxes, raccoons and many bird species can be observed and the petting zoo goats and sheep waiting to be stroked by the kids! The Bear Park has become a magnet for visitors. Other leisure facilities, viewing platforms and a bear information center will be added.

Copyright: Renato Pietsch
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6324x3162
Taken: 07/07/2011
Uploaded: 08/07/2011
Updated: 20/08/2014


Tags: bar; baer; wolf; wolfe; worbis; eichsfeld; alternativ; zirkus; tierpark; zoo; tiere; bären; park; schutz; wwf; kinder; kids; heimat; ausflug; tourismus; totem; indianer; pole; indians
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