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Xakusi Pristan Baikal

In Хакусах in 1 km from coast there is the most powerful on Baikal a hot source. Here on a surface there are two hot sources, on structure of water they are very close to known mineral sources of Pyatigorsk. The output of water makes 40 ½/with. Water гидрокарбонатно-сульфатно-натриевая with a mineralization of water 0,3 г/л. Temperature of water in a source 42-46? S.Zdes can meet rare plants: a juniper, dwarfish березка, various flowers and the grasses brought in the Red book. And is closer to autumn - gifts of the nature: ceps, berries, a pine nut. In local places Baikal омуль and хариус are especially tasty

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Vladimir Salman
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Mouth of the river Frolixa ,Baikal
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