Xi An Guanzhong Academy

Guanzhong academy located at Nanmen in academy gate street. Is bright, the clear two generation of Shanxi Province famous academy, the bright Wanli 20 years (in 1592), Shanxi renowned scholar Feng established from me. The academy by the front door, two, permits to hold the hall (lecture room), about buildings and so on Laotian room, thing janitor to be composed. The Qing Dynasty two times repair, construct “the fine hall” and so on. Guangxu 32 (in 1906) stood for the Shanxi first pedagogical course, Republic of China first year changes the Shanxi provincially established Normal school, presently for the Shanxi Province Xi'an Normal school. Presently has two entrance halls, to permit to hold hall, fine hall and constructions and so on east and west hundred meter long wu porch, around forms four enters the courtyard the pattern. Locates the academy gate has the rich cultural atmosphere, may purchase various cultural item and the product in the style of antiquity.

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More About Xi'an

Xi'an, ancient said that “Chang An”, is world famous world one of four big civilized ancient capitals, comes first in of Chinese ancient capital, is in the Chinese history the founding a capital time is longest, the founding a capital dynasty to be most, the influence biggest capital city, is Chinese nation's cradle, the Chinese civilization birthplace, Chinese culture representative. Xi'an, unique ancient and modern fusion perfect city. Now Xi'an is the People's Republic of China Shanxi Province's provincial capital, Chinese one of seven wide range key cities, Asian knowledge technological innovation center, new Europe and Asia continental bridge China section with Huanghe River valley biggest key city, Chinese big airplane's manufacture base, Chinese mid-west area most greatly most important scientific research, higher education, defense-related science and technology industry and high technology and new technology Industrial base.