Xi'an City Wall Park -18 (Shaanxi Opera)

[Shanxi Opera] local operas popular in China's northwest provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu area folk songs evolved, Clapper. A of the cavity. Called Shaanxi Bangzi. Refers to the northern Bangzi opera singing operas.

Xi'an City Wall Scenic Spot is located in the central area of Xi'an, rectangular wall 12 meters high, 18 meters wide at the bottom, top width of 15 meters, the east wall is 2590 meters long, the Western Wall is 2631.2 m long, south wall of 3441.6 meters long, 3241 meters long north wall total circumference of 11.9 km. The gates four: East Changle door, West Andingmen, South Yongning Gate, Beian far from the door. Xi'an city wall was built on the basis of the Tang Imperial. Completely around the "defense" strategy system, the thickness of the wall than it is tall, solid as a mountain, the top of the wall can be a sports car and drills. Existing city wall built during the Ming Hongwu seven to eleven years (1374-1378), has been 600 years of history, the city wall in one of the most famous in the history of China in the late Middle Ages, is the most complete ancient city wall.

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More About Xi'an

Xi'an, ancient said that “Chang An”, is world famous world one of four big civilized ancient capitals, comes first in of Chinese ancient capital, is in the Chinese history the founding a capital time is longest, the founding a capital dynasty to be most, the influence biggest capital city, is Chinese nation's cradle, the Chinese civilization birthplace, Chinese culture representative. Xi'an, unique ancient and modern fusion perfect city. Now Xi'an is the People's Republic of China Shanxi Province's provincial capital, Chinese one of seven wide range key cities, Asian knowledge technological innovation center, new Europe and Asia continental bridge China section with Huanghe River valley biggest key city, Chinese big airplane's manufacture base, Chinese mid-west area most greatly most important scientific research, higher education, defense-related science and technology industry and high technology and new technology Industrial base.