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The Yenan pagoda (range Shan Sita), builds in Tang Daizong during big all previous years (766-779), reconstructs celebrates all previous years in Song Renzong (1041-1048). Jin Shizong decides nine years greatly (1169) and the bright Wanli 36 years (1608) gives the heavy deer velvet. the Yenan pagoda is the star anise nine level of pavilion type brick tower, the height 44 meters. The first floor perimeter 38.8 meters, ward off have the north and south two pyllers. South the pyller height 3.34 meters, the width 1.59 meters, the lintel engraves “the excellent blue sky” four characters, in the pyller wards off has the tower room. North the pyller height 2.35 meters, the width 1.30 meters, the lintel engraves “overlooks the bustling place” four characters, in the pyller wards off has Shi Qiti saying that adopts the wall internal wear above equation structure, may succeed in the imperial civil service examination system 2. Above 2nd is hollow -like, various floors use the wood lintel to undertake floor's structural style, has the wooden staircase cascade to climb up on. The tower body first floor does not have the window, 9th openes a window for four sides. Other 2 to 8, each opens different respectively 1 to 2 tower windows. The tower bottom does not have the base originally, the existing base holds together repairs when Canada to build. after the new China was established, the people's government and in 1984 the tower has carried on two large-scale services regarding this in 1959: Has installed the lightning rod in the spire, has played the part of the colored lantern in tower body eave angle Shang Huan. in 1996 National Day eve, the Shanghai East Television station contributed money to transform the pagoda light installment, disassembled all colored lanterns, all around and the tower went against, the window outside the tower to install the floodlight. in 2001 the Shanxi Province Electricity company and Yenan, the pagoda area Electrical Power Office contributed money, to implement the Mt. Baota bright project together. When the night, the pagoda light shining in all directions, resplendent in gold and jade green, the entire Mt. Baota is brilliantly illuminated, the scenery is enchanting.

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Shanxi, Shaanxi, or referred to Qin, also known as Shaanxi, China's northwest region, a province, the provincial capital Xi'an, located in the hinterland of China, the Yellow River and Yangtze River, located in east longitude 105 ° 29 '~ 111 ° 15', Latitude 31 ° 42 '~ 39 ° 35' between. East of Shanxi, Henan, west of Ningxia, Gansu, south of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, north, connecting China living in east and central region and the northwest and southwest of the important position. Because of the Shan Zhou (now Shan County in Henan Province) west of the, so called Shaanxi. Long history and profound culture. Longer period in the history of Shaanxi Province has been referred to as "Qin. "