Yangshan Deepwater Port景区1号观景台(087)
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Panoramic photo by Dxinwei EXPERT Taken 18:10, 03/05/2014 (Beijing) - Views loading...


Yangshan Deepwater Port景区1号观景台(087)

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A: Yangshan Deepwater Port洋山深水港赋(075)

by Dxinwei, 20 meters away

登上观景台,巨大碑刻《洋山深水港赋》立即映入眼帘,词赋作者赵丽宏表达了对中国人世纪大手笔的惊叹,对建设者智慧和力量的赞美。碑刻于2005年12月17日揭幕。《洋山深水港赋》:      洋山观海,天水茫...

Yangshan Deepwater Port洋山深水港赋(075)

B: Yangshan Deepwater Port-East Sea Bridg东海大桥(069)

by Dxinwei, 20 meters away

东海大桥:      东海大桥是我国第一座外海超长桥梁,是连接洋山深水港区与大陆的唯一通道。大桥始于上海芦湖港,跨越杭州湾北部海域,在洋山深水港区北港区西端的大乌龟岛登陆后与港桥连接段衔接,全长32.5...

Yangshan Deepwater Port-East Sea Bridg东海大桥(069)

C: Yangshan Deepwater Port洋山石龙景区(063)

by Dxinwei, 130 meters away

石龙景区:      洋山深水港石龙景区以遍布全岛千奇百怪的岩石为特色。景区占地约1.5平方公里,建有4座观景台,由2600余米的游览线路串连在一起。经过漫长岁月的日晒雨淋、海浪冲刷,洋山的岩石表面逐渐...

Yangshan Deepwater Port洋山石龙景区(063)

D: Yangshan Deepwater Port倚剑石(107)

by Dxinwei, 190 meters away

倚剑石     石龙景区因石龙而得名。景区内有两条约百米长的天然巨石,酷似头西尾东,上下蜿蜒横叠的两条巨龙,栩栩如生。在通往山顶的游览线路途中,可见右侧石壁刻有“石龙”遒劲有力二字,左侧即是巨龙腾飞状,...

Yangshan Deepwater Port倚剑石(107)

E: Yangshan Deepwater Port神秘小洋山(114)

by Dxinwei, 270 meters away

神秘小洋山岛:      经过漫长岁月的日晒雨淋、海浪冲刷,洋山的岩石表面逐渐风华,形成了千姿百态的石景群。景区内千米山道,危崖夹持,奇石相随,十步一景,五步一观。“龟蛇石、骆驼石、犬石”等数十处石景令...

Yangshan Deepwater Port神秘小洋山(114)

F: Yangshan Deepwater Port亭憩观景(157)

by Dxinwei, 290 meters away

亭憩观景      石龙景区占地1.5平方公里,建有4座观景台,由2600米的游览线路串连在一起。从入口游览到此,有座小亭子供游人休憩,这里也是俯瞰东海大桥和港区的佳处。游览至此已是晚六点四十分,夜幕下...

Yangshan Deepwater Port亭憩观景(157)

G: Yangshan Deepwater Port上海新景点(163)

by Dxinwei, 390 meters away

上海地标性旅游新景点:       上海洋山深水港观光旅游区面积1.5平方公里,由大观音山、小观音山和城子山3座山组成,景区共建有4座观景台,由长约2600米的游览栈道连接。登1号观景台,放眼望去,东方...

Yangshan Deepwater Port上海新景点(163)

H: Xiaoyangshan Tunnel小洋山隧道(170)

by Dxinwei, 410 meters away

小洋山隧道:     “逢山开路,过海架桥”,原规划将小洋山活生生“炸出一条通道,这样既省时又省力。当建设者又一次登临小洋山时,能否不炸山,在尽可能保持住小洋山山体原貌的前提下,开出一条隧道?经十次专家...

Xiaoyangshan Tunnel小洋山隧道(170)

I: Yangshan Deepwater Port大指头景区(038)

by Dxinwei, 4.9 km away

大指头景区:      大指头景区以秀丽的海岛风情为特色,三面环海,站在景区内,海风扑面,涛声阵阵。景区位于洋山深水港的核心位置,大指头山顶建有一座观景平台,洋山全景尽收眼底。拾阶而下可见军事遗迹。景区...

Yangshan Deepwater Port大指头景区(038)

J: Yangshan Deepwater Port福如东海(044)

by Dxinwei, 4.9 km away

福如东海:       洋山深水港区还具有海岛风景,是我国国家级海岛风景区,大自然赋予小洋山得海独厚、得港独厚、得景独秀之优势。从东海大桥到洋山深水港,从幻石灵岩到摩崖石刻,古与今在这里交汇,自然与人文...

Yangshan Deepwater Port福如东海(044)

This panorama was taken in China, Asia

This is an overview of Asia

Asia is the biggest continent on Earth, a darling little gem floating around in space.

Hm, what is Asia? Who's in on it?

China and India are safe bets for Asian nations. Korea, Japan, Thailand, you're fine.

Europe? No. Europe would sort of be on the "Asian continent" if not for those pesky Ural mountains dividing things up in the middle, and then also the whole lineage of kings and wealth and nations and the EU and all that "give me my respect" stuff.
Russia would probably be happiest as its own continent, so for now we'll leave it in "Eurasia" and just hope the natural gas supplies keep flowing.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are dang close to Asia, but politically they show up in "Middle East" news stories an awful lot. Verdict: Eurasia.

I guess we'll actually have to consider everything from Turkey on eastward to be "Eurasian", although the moniker seems overlappitory of the territory.

The Asian economy is now officially raging like a wild furnace of lava that consumes everything in its path. Japan has had the largest individual economy in Asia for decades, but it is forecast that both India and China will outstrip Japan within twenty years.

China is the largest holder of United States debt and is positioned to become the world's next superpower, provided that Godzilla doesn't return and decide to stomp everybody back into the Shang Dynasty.

Text by Steve Smith.

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