Zeche zollverein
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Updated: 21/07/2014


Tags: zollverein; zeche; mine; essen; unesco; ruhrmuseum; weltkulturerbe; kohlenwäsche; coal scrubber; panorama; ruhrgebiet; ruhr
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Zeche zollverein kohlenwaesche
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein4
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein
Andre Kurenbach
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein2
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein8
Hannes Blomberg
Essen Zollverein
Peter Thomas
Christof Martin - pfalz360.de
Zollverein Essen modell
Hannes Blomberg
Lasershow at Essen Zollverein
Jan Metzler
Zeche Zollverein
Stephan B
Coal Mining Kokerei Zollverein Essen
Lehel Lokodi
The River Someș/Szamos, Cluj-Napoca
Reiner Frach
Wutachschlucht Bild3
omid jafarnezhad
* Eram Garden Shiraz *
Konstantin Kretov
Apharwat mountain top
yunzen liu
Shandong Rongcheng China's "Cape of Good Hope"——Chengshantou
Rico Riedi
Treppe By Night
Rafal Tarnas
Crimea - Cliffs of the west coast
Spencer Wynn
Penguins, South Georgia Island
Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji
Carpet Repair Workshop
Daniel Christaldi
Farley Hill ruins (in color)
rhein-ruhr 360°
rhein-ruhr 360°
Strasse mit vielen gesichtern
rhein-ruhr 360°
Foerdermaschine zeche nordstern
rhein-ruhr 360°
Lwl industriemuseum schiffshebewerk henrichenburg 2
rhein-ruhr 360°
Christo - "Big Air Package"
rhein-ruhr 360°
Deutsches bergbau museum
rhein-ruhr 360°
Deutsches bergbau museum bochum
rhein-ruhr 360°
Hochstrasse gladbeck
rhein-ruhr 360°
Rathausplatz gladbeck
rhein-ruhr 360°
Buschfort gmbh co kg
rhein-ruhr 360°
Canon eos 5d mark ii 001 panorama
rhein-ruhr 360°
Lwl industriemuseum schiffshebewerk henrichenburg 4
More About Essen

Located along the river Ruhr, Essen was traditionally a significant coal and steel center, one of the largest in Germany. Essen has modernized, hosting a number of large German corporations and boasting a vibrant cultural offering at a number of venues, particularly the Aalto Theater, which is an architectural masterpiece and home to ballet and opera. Essen is also regarded to be a “city of shopping”, particularly since the opening of the Metropolis shopping mall.