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Zhongshan Square

Zhongshan square located at Dalian in mountainous area, total area 22,000 square meters, diameter 168 meters. The square assumes the circular radiating, some 10 main roads to radiate in all directions from here. Because all around is loaded with the high-level sound, every day fixed time broadcasts the world classic, therefore here calls Zhongshan music square. Among the square the prominent disc is an open stage, is resident's public recreation area. Whenever the night falls, hundred and thousand of common people gather in here, dances lightly along with the music, the scene is happy and is auspicious. Around Dalian Zhongshan square constructed mostly constructs at the beginning of the century, had Romanesque, the Gothic style, the Renaissance style and the eclecticism and so on, Ou Wei is very thick. Jade paving central frustum elegant striking; Around the square building many are the Japanese and Russian time construction, these constructions are presently majority of by the financial organ use, therefore is also Dalian's financial center. The square opposite is Dalian guesthouse, the three-star. It completed in the Japanese rules time in 1909, was Dalian at that time the most high-quality guesthouse, called big and the hotel. Also has one with its same name's guesthouse in Lushun, but is much smaller than this guesthouse, last years emperor the abundant meter and his madame allows in there to live gracefully.

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