Zittau Weinau historischer Musik-Pavillion

The historic bandstand in Weinaupark in Zittau, Saxony. The park is used by the  the inhabitants of the area used for recreation. You will also find a stadium, a wonderful playground, tennis courts, a restaurant and what is most important: a zoo! The Weinau Park was established on the territory of a former peat cutting, which was renatured in 1850. More detailed information can be found here:


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Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7352x3676
Uploaded: 12/08/2010
Updated: 17/09/2014


Tags: pavillion; park; green; erholung; restaurant; tierpark; teich; see; zittau; weinau; nature; natur; bäume; relax; music; musik
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Hochwasser Flood Tierpark Weinau Zittau 9
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Hochwasser 15 Zittau Weinau Festwiese Leskewiese
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Hochwasser Flood Tierpark Weinau Zittau 10
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Hochwasser Flood Tierpark Weinau Zittau 11
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Hochwasser 17 Zittau Weinau Stadion
Mike Weidner - www.panomorph.de
Hochwasser Flood Tierpark Weinau Zittau 1
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Hochwasser Flood Tierpark Weinau Zittau 8
Mike Weidner - www.panomorph.de
Hochwasser 16 Zittau Weinau Stadion Eingang
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Hochwasser Flood Tierpark Weinau Zittau 2
Mike Weidner - www.panomorph.de
Hochwasser 9 Zittau Weinau Freilichtbuehne Seite
Mike Weidner - www.panomorph.de
Hochwasser 7 Zittau Weinau Freilichtbuehne Unten
Mike Weidner - www.panomorph.de
Hochwasser 8 Zittau Weinau Freilichtbuehne Oben
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