Across the Romantic Road near Wilsteig.

We are near Wilsteig on the called Romantic Road, a popular route for about 350 km that runs through the center of Germany from north to south, from the Main River near Würzburg to Füssen city at the foot of the Alps, and whose characteristic is the richness and cultural variety of the areas that it crosses. 

Here and near the end there is a region ideal for walking or cycling, the region of Pfaffenwinkel. A pre-alpine region of green hills, forests, lakes, pastures and farms, where the latter provide an interesting alternative to visit the area because they offer rooms or apartments to complement its activity. In the picture Zur Muselmühle with a nineteenth century building with traditional architecture that can be found in the area. 

The main point of interest of the region is the Wies Church, the Wieskirche, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage.

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Dirk Albrecht
inside the Pilgrimage Church of Wies (German: Wieskirche) - UNESCO World Heritage
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