Above Camp Confluencia in Horcones Valley
South America

This image is taken in Dec 2013.

The location (appr. 3600m) is right above Camp Confluencia (not visible in the image as it lies "behind and far below" the rocky peak (in direction of the sun)

From Camp Confluencia (3400 m) you can see a steep and blank rock in pyramidal shape...the position of the camera is right behind the peak of the summit of this flank.

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Tags: valley; river; rock; rocky; nature; geology; sun; sunny; trekking; aconcagua; argentina; sky; clouds
  • G.W.G M. 9 months ago
    right! Ducky went to most of my other pano-locations ... check these out ... and now resides on my cars dashboard :-)
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    Don't think that your "Lucky Duck" has gone un noticed!
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