Alpe Valaverta
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Alpe Valaverta

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After crossing Passo di Valaverta, I finally arrive at the Alpe of the same name. The buildings are abandoned but still standing, and the location is beautiful.

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A: Cingino Tunnel

di Kay F. Jahnke, 2.4 km di distanza

from Lago di Cingino, the path to Lago di Camposecco actually passes through a tunnel, alongside a wa...

Cingino Tunnel

B: Ascent to Lago di Cingino

di Kay F. Jahnke, 2.8 km di distanza

On a splendid day, I'm ascending from the upper Antrona Valley towards Lago di Cingino. The path runs...

Ascent to Lago di Cingino

C: Pizzo San Martino

di Kay F. Jahnke, 2.8 km di distanza

After a long ascent from Vanzone in Valle Anzasca, the path traverses the eastern flank of Pizzo San ...

Pizzo San Martino

D: Bivacco Lame

di Kay F. Jahnke, 3.0 km di distanza

After a long ascent I'm happy to find this Bivacco in good order. The weather remains unstable, with ...

Bivacco Lame

E: Bivacco Lame, morning

di Kay F. Jahnke, 3.1 km di distanza

situated next to a small lake, Bivacco Lamé offers shelter in a rugged landscape of rocks at about 25...

Bivacco Lame, morning

F: Lago Do Cingino

di Kay F. Jahnke, 3.7 km di distanza

Lago di Cingino is one of several reservoirs in upper Antrona valley. There's also a roomy, quite new...

Lago Do Cingino

G: Mulattiera near Antronapiana

di Kay F. Jahnke, 4.2 km di distanza

After several days above the treeline, the lush greenery lower down makes for a welcome change. Befor...

Mulattiera near Antronapiana

H: Coronette Di Camposecco

di Kay F. Jahnke, 5.0 km di distanza

from Lago di Campsecco, there's a difficult path up to here. The last bit is very steep. There are ch...

Coronette Di Camposecco

I: Antronapass

di Kay F. Jahnke, 5.1 km di distanza


J: Viewpoint above Forcola - 1

di Kay F. Jahnke, 5.1 km di distanza

Viewpoint above Forcola - 1

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The name Piedmont comes from medieval Latin Pedemontium, i. e. "ad pedem montium", meaning "at the foot of the mountains": Piedmont, whose capital is Turin, is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, including Monviso, where Po river rises, and Monte Rosa. It borders France, Switzerland and the Italian regions of Aosta Valley, Lombardy, Liguria and Emilia Romagna.

Its history was linked for centuries to Savoy dynasty: since 1046 Piedmont was part of County of Savoy, raised to Duchy of Savoy in 1416, evolved in the eighteenth century into the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. The role of Piedmont for Italy's unification is comparable to the role of Prussia for Germany and his army was the engine of the unification process, ended with the creation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. The presence of Savoy in its territory bequeathed a large number of castles and residences.

Lowland Piedmont is a fertile agricultural region, producing wheat, rice and maize and is one of the great winegrowing areas in Italy. The region contains major industrial centres: FIAT automobile plants in Turin, Ferrero's chocolate factories in Alba, tissue and silk manufactories in Biella, in Ivrea Olivetti was an important technology center, publishing in Turin and Novara.

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