Alupka, sea spray

Alupka (Ukrainian: Алупка, Russian: Алупка, Crimean Tatar: Alupka) is a resort city located in Crimea, Ukraine, situated 17 km (11 mi) to the west of Yalta. It is famous for the Vorontsov's Palace, designed by English architect Edward Blore in an extravagant mixture of Scottish baronial and Neo-Moorish styles and built in 1828–1846 for prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov.


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Tags: крым; crimea; simferopol; море; дворец; пляж; ялта; seafront; alupka
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Vladimir Chumachenko
Alupka seafront
Yuriy Filatov
Panorama tmp 5369
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5136 Pano Logo
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5148 Pano Logo
Yuriy Filatov
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5106 Pano Logo
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5079 Pano Logo
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5063 Pano Logo
Michael Protsenko
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5123 Pano Logo
Arshak Israelyan
Vorontsov 2
Arshak Israelyan
Crimea 01 11 2011 Dscf5093 Pano Logo
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Vladimir Chumachenko
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Vladimir Chumachenko
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Vladimir Chumachenko
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Vladimir Chumachenko
Vladimir Chumachenko
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Vladimir Chumachenko
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Vladimir Chumachenko
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Vladimir Chumachenko
Vladimir Chumachenko
View on Swallow's Nest
Vladimir Chumachenko
Simferopol, Communist monument
Vladimir Chumachenko
Botanical garden
Vladimir Chumachenko
Alushta, sanatorium "Dnepr"
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