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Beidaihe Tiger Stone Marine Parks 2

Tiger stone marine park located at Beidaihe scenic spot center area 33,000 square meters. In the park the shape varies the reef, resembles the group tiger, some scatter in the crystal clear sand beach, some are majestically located in the jungle , some showers on the seacoast which the very rough sea waves strike against, some sleep soundly under the sunlight. In the past the Chin Shihhuang whip caught up with hills that mysterious and the beautiful fable, has spread in the folk.the writer literati who the blue sea, Jinsha, Jieshi, attract the domestic and foreign tourists to spend the summer on vacation the sightseeing to this, playing with water plays the tourist who and compose a poem do painting to be innumerable, the cool breeze closes crisply, the gull composes a poem in response to one received, the people influence in big in the natural esthetic sense. Ascends Shi Yuanwang, entering the sea has a good swim, in laughs heartily leads a life of comfort heartily with in the mighty waves symphony. Shi Huxie lies the beach, endures the strong sea prestige. Stands in the high place, looks out the turtle stone appear and disappear from time to time, appeal abundant , watches, the photograph for the tourist to accept as a memento.

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