Tyumen Bridge of love. Bridge of Lovers (Pedestrian). Winter.

«Мост Влюбленных» - так называется вантовый мост через реку Туру в Тюмени, ранее известный как «Пешеходный». Пешеходный вантовый мост через Туру был построен в 80-е годы на месте деревянного моста, который рухнул в 1979 году.

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Tags: tyumen; bridge; winter; love; lovers; frost; siberia
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Chebaldin Vladimir
Tyumen Bridge of love. Bridge of Lovers (Pedestrian) Summer.
Chebaldin Vladimir
Historical Square
Chebaldin Vladimir
Supports of the "Bridge of lovers"
Chebaldin Vladimir
Stone on the birthplace of Tyumen city.
Chebaldin Vladimir
Рillars of the old wood bridge. Embankment river Tura from far bank.
Chebaldin Vladimir
FK Tyumen Stadium "Geolog"
Chebaldin Vladimir
Tura river embankment. November.
Kalinin Andrey
Калинин Андрей
Tyumen Trinity Monastery
Калинин Андрей
Комплекс троицкого храма в г. Тюмени Россия
Калинин Андрей
Tyumen Filrmony
Chebaldin Vladimir
Larch trees in hoarfrost.
H.David Muñoz RV360
Parque Biblioteca España - Medellín Colombia
Louis-Alexis Fontaine
Mine ochre of bruoux 001
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Istanbul: Yeni Cami - New Mosque
Daisuke Tomiyasu
Kobe Higashinada Danjiri 2009
Ramin Dehdashti
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse
Carnac Yacht Club
Konrad Łaszczyński
Chouwara tannery - Fes, Morocco
iPad Eve in Tokyo
Rokyun Ha
Puesta de Sol - Salar de Atacama
Rokyun Ha
Cordillera de la Sal
David Mariotti
Rosa Parks Bus, Henry Ford Museum
J-P. Scherrer
Museum of Art and History First Floor Hall
Chebaldin Vladimir
Komsomolsky park. Infrared.
Chebaldin Vladimir
Ethnic Festival "HEAVEN AND EARTH"
Chebaldin Vladimir
Stone on the birthplace of Tyumen city.
Chebaldin Vladimir
Monument to soldiers-internationalists, who died in Afghanistan
Chebaldin Vladimir
Infrared Central square in Tyumen
Chebaldin Vladimir
blooming apple trees in an apple grove 2
Chebaldin Vladimir
Old "Colt" plane.Yalutorovsk Airfield.
Чебалдин Владимир
Pool in ex "Holiday Inn Safaga Palace" Riviera Plaza
Chebaldin Vladimir
Sculpture of a moose and elk (2)
Chebaldin Vladimir
Chebaldin Vladimir
Great grandmothers home 2
Chebaldin Vladimir
Uvat Biathlon Center n.a. A.L. Tihonov
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