Crimea, Yalta, Silver arbor
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Crimea, Yalta, Silver arbor

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Silver besedka.Raspolozhena along the road to the Mount Ai-Petri. Below is a waterfall Uchan-Su. From it a beautiful view of the Yalta and its surroundings, magnificent centuries-old pine forest at the foot of the hill Pendikyul, top porosshey forested mountains Mogabi

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A: The Silver Pavilion

di Deema, 20 metri di distanza

The Silver Pavilion - is a name of small bulding for rest, placed not far from the top of Crimean mou...

The Silver Pavilion

B: Серебряная беседка. Вид на Ялту.

di © Denis Gavrilin, 30 metri di distanza

Двигаясь по серпантину шоссе "Ялта-Бахчисарай", вы просто обязаны посмотреть одну из достопримечатель...

Серебряная беседка. Вид на Ялту.

C: On Pendikul mountain

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On Pendikul mountain. your right...

On Pendikul mountain

D: Ay Petri 3

di Sergey Malov, 760 metri di distanza

On this glade behind a small house of the forester our seven-day campaign for May holidays on crimea ...

Ay Petri 3

E: Views of the coast to the edge of serpentine roads through the Ai-Petri.

di Dmitriy Krasko, 1.4 km di distanza

View of the coast to the edge of serpentine road through the mountain Ai-Petri. At this point wind bl...

Views of the coast to the edge of serpentine roads through the Ai-Petri.

F: i-Petri 2012 Crimea

di ViX ViX, 1.8 km di distanza

Ai-Petri (Ukrainian: Ай-Петрі, Russian: Ай-Петри, Crimean Tatar: Ay Petri); (translated from Greek. S...

i-Petri 2012 Crimea


di Konstantin Kretov, 1.9 km di distanza


di Konstantin Kretov, 1.9 km di distanza


di Konstantin Kretov, 2.0 km di distanza

J: Ay Petri

di Sergey Malov, 2.1 km di distanza

500 metres without having reached to Ah-petri. Seldom there is a solar weather and good visibility on...

Ay Petri

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