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Damage in Ohfunato, Iwate Pref. (14)

These panoramas are part of the Japan Pano Journalism Project, which aims to document the 2011 Japan Earthquake damage and recovery with 360º panoramic photography. If you are interested in publishing these panoramas in your site / publication, please contact us.

The significant costs of travel, photography, and creation of the blog were provided by Nodal Ninja, Kolor, Pano2VR, and PTGui. Without their support, the Japan Pano Journalism project would not have been possible. We at 360 Cities only have sponsors that we believe in - please visit their sites to learn more about their excellent products.

Special thanks additionally to Bill Bailey of Nodal Ninja for shipping Nodal Ninja pano hardware to Japan at very short notice in order to ensure the maximum possible quality of photography.

Copyright: Akila ninomiya
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9000x4500
Caricate: 05/04/2011
Aggiornato: 04/08/2014
Numero di visualizzazioni:


Tags: 2011; ninomiya; disaster; tsunami; tohoku; iwate
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二宮 章
: Ohfunato, Iwate pref. (201203271259)
二宮 章
: Ohfunato, Iwate pref. (201203271209)
二宮 章
Damage in Ohfunato, Iwate Pref. (13)
Akila Ninomiya
: Ohfunato, Iwate pref. (201203271304)
二宮 章
: Ohfunato, Iwate pref. (201203271212)
Akila Ninomiya
: Ohfunato, Iwate pref. (201203271312)
二宮 章
Damage in Ohfunato, Iwate Pref. (15)
Akila Ninomiya
Damage in Ohfunato, Iwate Pref. (11)
二宮 章
: Ohfunato, Iwate pref. (201203271238)
二宮 章
Damage in Ohfunato, Iwate Pref. (10)
二宮 章
瓦礫がほぼ撤去された被災地:大船渡/岩手県 (201203271232)
二宮 章
瓦礫で埋め尽くされた大船渡 -1(大船渡)
Thang Bui
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luis davilla
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Ronald Tichelaar
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二宮 章
: Settai, Iwate pref. (201203241440)
二宮 章
Damage in Settai, Iwate Pref. (2)
Akila Ninomiya
: Kamaishi, Iwate pref. (201203261501)
Akila Ninomiya
: Rikuzenn-Takata, Iwate pref. (201203270746)
二宮 章
: Utatsu-cho, Miyagi pref. (201203191103)
二宮 章
Akila Ninomiya
: Kamaishi, Iwate pref. (201203261510)
Akila Ninomiya
: Minami-Sanriku-cho, Miyagi pref. (201203190929)
Akila Ninomiya
: Tarou, Iwate pref. (201203241628)
二宮 章
: Kamaishi, Iwate pref. (201203271546)
二宮 章
瓦礫が撤去されつつある被災地:宮古/岩手県 (201203231428)
Akila Ninomiya
: Miyako, Iwate pref. (201203231124)
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