Forest near Uchan Su waterfall

Forest near Uchan Su waterfall.


Below the waterfall there is a separate rock with the remains of defensive wall on its western slope. It was one of the medieval fortresses (isars).

We are driving on the slopes of Mogabi mountain in the pine-tree forest. The forest of oak, beech, pine-tree occupy almost 95% of the nature reserve. Only separate glades and areas on the plateau are forestless. The flora includes 1100 species of plants, 90 of them are endemics. Here you can also meet giant trees. They are oak, gew, alder, pine-tree, basswood. Crimea has more than 800 giant trees with circle more than 3 m.

 In the forest reserve live such animals as deer, roe deer, mountain fox, badger, and other mammals (39 species). Here were acclimatized moufflon from Corsica island, squirrel from Altai, boar from the East.

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