Dunhuang white Matta
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Dunhuang white Matta

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White Matta located at Dunhuang old city south, in Dang River township Hongxing Village, constructs in a.D. 386 years, hands down is north the commemoration is cool when east eminent monk dove Moluoshen passes on Buddhism, goes via Dunhuang city, died the white horse constructed. White Matta is 9, the height 12 meters, the diameter the approximately 7 meters, the construction structure lays on top of one another for the sun-dried brick, is the column, outside Tu Yicao putty, lime. The lowest level assumes the octagon, builds with the stretcher package, each jiao surface is 3 meters; The 2~4th fire folds the corners the overlap shape; Under 5th has the prominent young nail, surrounds for one week. On is the supine lotus flower petal; 6th is the duplicate earthen bowl shape tower body; Seventh for turns the shape, the most top layer checks the plate for the angular slope, each angle hangs wind bell one. Has on 2nd engraves on stone two, to carve wooden one. On the stone engraves: “the Daoguang second grade tung oil tree pale blue article 8 have picked and so on to repair " the inscription; On the wood writes: “in August, 1934 pulled out the tribute characters carved in relief on a seal town, Lu Zhong and so on to repair " the inscription. This proved sufficiently this tower was already multiple the repair. Extant Bai Ta has Ming Dynasty Lama the tower style. Records the record, white Matta in 1930 an unearthed 0.9 meter black stone statuary tower, on has also engraved the vajracchedika-sutra, but namely lost soon. the present, the white Matta all around green wild blue tree, the grey tile quiet shed, the micro breeze blow comes, bell ting sound, actually Dunhuang another beautiful scenery.

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Old is Yongzhou Gansu provincial capital Lanzhou. Located in the upper Yellow River, located in the geographical center of China, between latitude 32 ° 31 '~ 42 ° 57', longitude 92 ° 13 '~ 108 ° 46' between. It is the east, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Sichuan controlled South, West Hill Xinjiang, brief Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, is the ancient Silk Road of the key sections of land and gold, and with the Mongolian border, it was like a magnificent gem, set in central China the Loess Plateau, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia plateau, something more than 1,600 kilometers meandering, aspect 453,700 square kilometers, accounting for 4.72% of the total area. Population 26 million (968 million in 1949), Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolian, Kazak, Tu, Salar, Manchu and other ethnic groups. Among them, the Dongxiang, Yugur, Bonan is a minority of Gansu.

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