Hacienda Tres Rios - Restaurant Alebrije

For a gourmet experience, we have specialty restaurants to choose from, ranging in tastes from Mexican to Asian fusion to seafood. Dedicated food experts and professional chefs supervise all aspects of our food service, turning each meal into a delicious and healthy experience for every guest.

Don Pedro dreamed he was in a huge forest inhabited by some incredible creatures who would lead him back to life. He saw a winged donkey, a

horned rooster, and a dog-headed lion; and he listened all these weird hybrids making one single sound: Alebrijes.

The alebrijes are fantastic creatures — colorful chimeras revealed in a dream to their creator, a humble craftsman named Pedro Linares López when he almost died from an illness at the age
of 30 in 1936, in Mexico City. After getting well, Don Pedro wanted to share his dream, so he molded carton into those multicolored shapes, giving birth to one of the most representative Mexican handicrafts, worldrenowned for its inventiveness.

The alebrijes represent the complexity of nature. Their varied shapes and colors are comparable only to the great cultural diversity of our México, to its landscapes, celebrations and traditions, and above all to the uncountable ingredients that shape its cuisine. Those ingredients invite us, like mythical characters taken out from a dream, to rediscover the beauty of life and gently lead us through a sensorial journey back to it.

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