Kitesurfing Noumea New Caledonia
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Kitesurfing Noumea New Caledonia

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The Kitesurfers you see here here on the Point Magnin Beach in Noumea are truly champions of their sport and have an enormous amount of fun doing it. Sometimes you can see over a hundred brightly colored, high tech kites soaring in the sky over New Caledonia's lagoon.

This classic windsurfing area is the SE point of Baie de Anse Vata, Noumea's prime international tourism center. In the background, just behind the rock sea wall you can see La Promenade Best Western Premier Hotel. Kitesurfers also congregate on the beach off l'Escapade Island Resort on Ilot Maitre - in fact there is a Kitesurf school that gives lessons on the Ilot Maitre beach - in case you'd like to learn this amazing water sport.

Both beaches have been set aside by the city as dedicated Kitesurf beaches. The best kitesurf areas are usually shallow water (no waves) and exposed to good solid trade wind conditions (15 to 25 knots is ideal). The kites have inflatable ribs and kelvar control lines. The boards look simple but they, too, are carefully crafted of high tech material and the exact shape of the board, the placement of the fins and foot supports is critical. These guys really move. Sometimes they head out to the New Caledonia barrier reef where they do unbelievable stunts on the giant waves breaking on the reefs.

For a complete travel guide to New Caledonia visit the Rocket Guide.

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A: Nouméa KiteSurf Spot

di Gregory Panayotou, 40 metri di distanza

Nouméa KiteSurf Spot

B: Nouméa KiteSurfing at Meridien Beach

di Gregory Panayotou, 50 metri di distanza

Nouméa KiteSurfing at Meridien Beach

C: Meridien Heliport on the Lagoon

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Meridien Heliport on the Lagoon

D: Un ponton à l'Anse Vata

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Un ponton à l'Anse Vata

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Ouen Toro Highs 2

F: Ouen Toro Highs

di Vincent MATHIEU, 600 metri di distanza

Panoramic view of south Nouméa from the park of Ouen Toro.

Ouen Toro Highs

G: KiteSurfing Noumea

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KiteSurfing Noumea

H: Ouen Toro Anse Vata New Caledonia

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Ouen Toro provincial park is on a small hill on the southeastern end of Anse Vata. On top of the 132m...

Ouen Toro Anse Vata New Caledonia

I: Le Pacifique Hotel Noumea

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Le Pacifique Hotel Noumea

J: Le Nouvata Hotel Noumea

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Le Nouvata Hotel Noumea is one of three hotels making up the Nouvata Park Hotel Complex. Completely r...

Le Nouvata Hotel Noumea

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Noumea is the capital and vacation centre of the Islands of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Noumea is a "French" city, but the 91,000 inhabitants are a very mixed cultural group with French, Melanesian, Polynesian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and lots of mixtures of these. Over 60% of the population of New Caledonia lives in Noumea.

Noumea is a peninsula on the southwestern end of Grande Terre and the central business district (Centre Ville) is next to one of the best natural harbours in the South Pacific. The lagoon side of the peninsula has two picturesque bays with white sand beaches and is called Anse Vata and Baie des Citrons. These twin bays are the international tourism capital of New Caledonia with hotels, restaurants and bars on the landward side of "La Promenade".

First settled by the French in 1854, Noumea retains close political ties with France. It has excellent schools and public facilities - parks, recreation areas, exercise paths, schools and medical facilities. Today it is the fastest growing city in the South Pacific. There are 23 hotels in Noumea ranging from one to five stars and over 100 Restaurants.

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