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Market square and citie's rathouse
Copyright: Denys Ovchar
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10000x5000
Taken: 08/02/2009
Caricate: 15/12/2009
Aggiornato: 03/10/2014
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Tags: wroclaw; architecture; rathouse; square
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Wroclaw (Breslau) - city-square, townhall
Wroclaw (Breslau) - city square, tower of the townhall
Wroclaw (Breslau) - Monument Alexander Hr-Fredo
Leszek Cuper
Old Town Hall in Wroclaw
Klaidas Macernis
Aleksander Fredro and Town Hall in Wroclaw
Denys Ovchar
Wroclaw's rathouse at Rynok (Market) square
Sferano 099. Wroclaw, Old Market
Denys Ovchar
Poland Pano 08
Wroclaw (Breslau) - fountain at the city-square
Radosław Więckowski
Solny Square
Denys Ovchar
Rathouse at Market square
Leszek Cuper
Old Town Hall in Wroclaw
Marcio Cabral
Phantom Falls
Timofey Osipov
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Quick 360
59. Vierschanzentournee Oberstdorf - Qualification Day
Thang Bui
The Cuu Village Phu Xuyen Hanoi 8
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Mt. carmel after the big fire
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The loading Bridge
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The Cuu Village Phu Xuyen Hanoi 3
Sergej Esnault
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Mirogoj Cemetery-2
Denys Ovchar
Vyshneve mistechko 04
Denys Ovchar
Fraternal Cemetery
Denys Ovchar
Chapel in memorial park
Denys Ovchar
Grave of king Danylo Halytsky
Denys Ovchar
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Denys Ovchar
Inside Dominican cathedral in Lviv. 021
Denys Ovchar
Gorgany 54g ukraine
Denys Ovchar
Night christmas decorations of "Ole Tour" gallery
Denys Ovchar
Museum of filk art of Gutsulshina and Pokuttya
Denys Ovchar
Synyachka 108
Denys Ovchar
Tatariv. Dmitry's church of 18 century
Denys Ovchar
Latin Cathedral in Lviv. 040
More About Wroclaw

Wrocław was the historical capital of Silesia. Over the centuries, the city has been part of either Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia, or Germany. Since 1945 it has been part of Poland.source: wikipedia