Milan: Basilica of St Nazaro Maggiore - Chapel of St Catherine - Cappella di Santa Caterina

The 360 photo shows the Chapel of St Catherine, "Cappella di Santa Caterina" that was originally built in 1540 as a separate church. The photo opens in particular toward the fresco of the Martyr of St Catherine, "Martirio di Santa Caterina", Bernardo Lanino's masterpiece (1512-1583). The chapel is currently a part of the famous church of St Nazaro Maggiore, one of the four basilicas founded by St Ambrose, "Sant'Ambrogio". This church was originally built by end of 4th century to house the remains of three Apostoles and the relics of St Nazaro and it was rebuilt after a fire in 11th century, with many parts of its structure still today belonging to the original building.

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