Military College
The Military College is located in Largo da Luz in Carnide, Lisbon, Portugal. Is a Government School, the Ministry of National Defense and the Army's responsibility, working as a boarding and semi-boarding, administering studies of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education and Education Secondary, for children of military and civilians. Also present in this panorama the Church and the garden of Luz.
Copyright: Isabel Marques
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Tags: lisbon; portugal; school; europe
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Isabel Marques
Luz Garden
Isabel Marques
Church of Luz - Interior
Isabel Marques
Luz Lake
Relvado do Estádio da Luz (Benfica)
Carlos Santos
Living Room
Carlos Santos
Luis Marques
Colombo Towers
Andriy Felenchak
Jardim Zoologico
Andriy Felenchak
Jardim Zoologico
Andriy Felenchak
Jardim Zoologico
Andriy Felenchak
Jardim zoologico
Jaime Goncalves
Palacio Marques de Fronteira
Dan Reppert
Punta Cana Beach at Night
Mario Caviedes Castrillo
Vlladolid pleace in plaza de España Seville, Spain
Özgür Örsoğlu
Eski Ankara Manzarası
DigitalProperties.ca - Bryan Groulx
Quincy Market Colonnade
Alan McLean (Albiphotography)
Whitelee Wind Farm , Turbine 42 , Eaglesham Moor , Glasgow
Shigeru OKADA
KABUKIZA 2010 New Year
Thomas Krueger
Triora - Grotta della Madonna di Lourdes
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Ayazin anatolia turkey
Laurent Egli
Phi Phi Lay, Pileh Lagoon, Thailand
David Lopes
St. Rita in Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua Grande - São Luís (MA)
Matt Mascheri
USS KIDD moored in the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Isabel Marques
Isabel Marques
October 5 Square
Isabel Marques
Olives Garden CCB
Isabel Marques
Saint Theodor’s Chappel
Isabel Marques
Lomattenstrasse - Swiss Chalets
Isabel Marques
Davos Lake - Another View
Isabel Marques
Kapellenweg 1
Isabel Marques
Isabel Marques
In the Regaleira Farm
Isabel Marques
Isola Madre 1
Isabel Marques
Via Serlas
Isabel Marques
Piazza del Duomo
More About Lisbon

Capital, largest, and wealthiest city in Portugal and one of the leading economic centers on the Iberian Peninsula. Although located in the westernmost corner of Europe, the city is firmly embedded in the European Union, hosting a couple of EU agencies. Visit Baixa, the downtown city center and Alfama, the oldest district in the city or just chill out in one of Lisbon’s memorable parks – Parque Florestal de Monsanto, one of Europe’s largest urban parks or Parque Eduardo Vll, off the main drag. Last but not least, Lisbon plays host each September to the Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Queer Lisboa.