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Motorcycles 2010

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Motorcycle Barretos 2010

A motorcycle club is a group of individuals whose primary interest and activities involve motorcycles.
In the U.S. the abbreviation, MC or MCC, can have a special social meaning from the point of view of the outlaw (aka one percenter) subcultures, and is usually reserved by them for those clubs that are mutually recognized by other MC clubs.[1] This is indicated by wearing the MC patch, or a three piece patch, on the back of a club jacket or vest. Outlaw (or one percenter) can mean merely that the club is not chartered under the auspices of the American Motorcyclist Association,[2] implying a radical rejection of authority and embracing of the "biker" lifestyle defined and popularized since the 1950s and represented by such media as Easyriders magazine, and the work of painter David Mann, and more. In many contexts the terms overlap with the usual meaning of "outlaw" because some of these clubs, or some their members, are recognized by law enforcement agencies as taking part in organized crime.

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Immagini nelle vicinanze di Brazil


A: Horse Monument

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 90 metri di distanza

Horse Monument

B: Park

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 100 metri di distanza


C: Barretos Fest

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 210 metri di distanza

Festa de peão na cidade de Barretos/SP - Brasil no dia do aniversário da cidade, são 10 dias de Festa...

Barretos Fest

D: Gay Ranch

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 220 metri di distanza

Gay Ranch

E: Cowboys Park

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 230 metri di distanza

Cowboys Park

F: Indians

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 310 metri di distanza

Cantinho dos Indios no Parque do Peãozinho em Barretos


G: School

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 3.7 km di distanza



di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 3.8 km di distanza

I: Show Criolo

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 5.0 km di distanza

Show Criolo

J: Show Curumim / Criolo 2013

di José Luiz Guerreiro Souza, 6.0 km di distanza

Virada Cultural Barretos

Show Curumim / Criolo 2013

Questo panorama è stato scattato in Brazil

Questa è una vista generale di Brazil

Here's your soundtrack. Okay, maybe they're not exactly brazillian but their music is awesome and their live shows legendary.

Now, Brazil covers almost half of South America and its Amazon rainforest is the world's largest jungle... which is rapidly getting cut down. The country is basically one giant botanical garden with some bangin' cities on its edges.

Brazil was colonized in 1808 by the royal court of Portugal, which was fleeing Napolean's troops. They didn't stay long, and Brazil won its independence in 1822.

Its biggest city, Sao Paulo, is the financial hub of South America. Brazil is the "b" in BRIC -- Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four were labeled the world's fastest developing large economies in the year 2001.

Brazil is known for three things: amazingly beautiful women, carnival, and Pele -- King of Football, Athlete of the Century, football ambassador of the world and a declared national treasure.

Brazillians can tell foreigners a mile away, by the way their hips move. Samba is built into the soul of brazil and carnival is when it bursts out into twenty-four hour undying explosions of sound on every street.

This picture of mask diving at the Taipus reefs makes me shed hot and salty tears all over my calendar, which is set on "January" right now.

Text by Steve Smith.

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