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"Norderport" is the "north gate" in the city wall surrounding the old parts of the Hanseatic town of Visby. Visby is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Centers. Only a few decades ago "everything" in Visby was located within the city wall and there was lots of traffic passing throug this way.

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Immagini nelle vicinanze di Visby


A: Dalmanstornet

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 330 metri di distanza


B: Visby town wall

di Fredrik Skog, 350 metri di distanza

One of the entrance to Visby old town. Visby that has a town wall around the old town. This entrance ...

Visby town wall

C: DBW's Botanic Garden

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 370 metri di distanza

DBW's, De Badande Wännernas trädgård.

DBW's Botanic Garden

D: Visby Cathedral, Saint Mary

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 380 metri di distanza

Visby Cathedral, Saint Mary

E: Visby Cathedral

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 380 metri di distanza

Visby Cathedral

F: From inside the ruins of St. Trinitatis

di Linus Tolke, 460 metri di distanza

The church was built in 1240 for the Germans in the central congregation in Visby. After the Protesta...

From inside the ruins of St. Trinitatis

G: Stora Torget, Visby

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 490 metri di distanza

Stora Torget means "the Great Square" was until some decades ago the center of the town. There was a ...

Stora Torget, Visby

H: Fiskargränd

di Fredrik Skog, 510 metri di distanza

Fiskargränd is an old road in Visby and one of the most photographed roads in Visby. The houses aroun...


I: Trappgatan

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 530 metri di distanza

This lookout point is located at Trappgatan on the edge of "Klinten" which is the higher northern par...


J: Saint Catherin's Ruin

di Lennart Mollerstrom, 550 metri di distanza

Saint Karins ruin is the remains of a Franciscan monastery founded in 1233. It was a monastery until ...

Saint Catherin's Ruin

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Visby was a member of the medieval German trade association the Hansa and is now a popular place for tourists. Visby is on the UNESCO list of world heritage centers since 1995.

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