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Persepolis - well that's a Greek name - in Iran it is better known as Takta Jamsheed (the throne of Jamsheed). It is the ancient capital of the Persian Empire. Even today as a ruin it is quite a sight with its high stone columns and carved statury. One can only imagine what it was like in its heyday over two thousand years ago.  It is situated between Esfahan and Shiraz, quite southerly and even when this was shot in early October 2008 it was incredibly hot during the day. I waited around till late afternoon to take photographs and try to avoid the harsh light of day. This scene is of the gate through which Persepolis was entered.

Copyright: Mark Schuster
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Tags: persepolis; takta jamsheed; shiraz; esfahan; isfahan; persia; ancient persia; iran
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More About Persepolis

Persepolis (Persian: تخت جمشید/پارسه) was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty. Persepolis is situated 70 km northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in the Fars Province of modern Iran. In contemporary Persian, the site is known as Takht-e Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid) and Parseh. To the ancient Persians, the city was known as Pārsa, meaning "The City of Persians". Persepolis is the Greek interpretation of the name Πέρσης πόλις (Persēs polis: "Persian city").