Schloss Lichtenstein Sachsen Main Entrance

This is the castle overlooking the town of Lichtenstein, Germany as seen from the main entrance. The stone bridge leading to the castle once contained a moat and drawbridge. The castle itself has been rebuilt twice in it's history, the last time after the Thirty Years war. The town can be seen far bellow between the trees.

Copyright: Jacob Dawson
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Tags: castle; town; stone; bridge; door; overlook; history
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Stephan Messner
Schloss Lichtenstein / Sachsen
Jacob Dawson
Schloss Lichtenstein Sachsen East Staircase
Stephan Messner
Blick vom Schloss Lichtenstein/ Sachsen
Jacob Dawson
Schloss Lichtenstein Sachsen West Walkway
Stephan Messner
Daetz-Center, Lichtenstein
Stephan Messner
Deatz center lichtenstein 1
Stephan Messner
Daetz-Center, Lichtenstein
Thomas Fankhänel
Daetz-Cenrum (Lichtenstein)
Stephan Messner
Lichtenstein/ Sa. - Altmarkt
Thomas Fankhänel
Deatz centrum
Stephan Messner
Laurentius-Kirche in Lichtenstein, Sachsen
Stephan Messner
Lichtenstein/ Sa. - Neumarkt
Studio Mambeau - Martijn Baudoin
Nascar Racetrack I-80 Speedway, Greenwood, NE
Tord Remme
View from Fisherman's Bastion, Buda Castle, Budapest
Stefan Huber
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Wojciech Fuchs
"Pasternik" cemetery in Krakow at night time
Cape Royal
Sergei Alexandrov
Burano, VE, Italia
Paul Mears
Frankland Islands
Ola Heloe
Ice cave Leirbreen glacier
Cheng Gang
Night of Beishan Road
Paul Emck
Inside a Red Apple Tree
Y Takeichi
Evening view from Tokyo Skytree
Michael Malag
Sharq seaside sunrise
Jacob Dawson
Shortcut Trail Through Apartments
Jacob Dawson
Salzgitter Train Station Entrence
Jacob Dawson
Huntsville Train Depot Engine
Jacob Dawson
Old South Forest Gazebo
Jacob Dawson
Salzgitter Train Station Platform
Jacob Dawson
Resting Bench and Large Rock
Jacob Dawson
Small Waterfall On Monte Sano Mountain
Jacob Dawson
Die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit Kirche Salzgitter Bad
Jacob Dawson
Panama City Balcony North Side
Jacob Dawson
Voeppstedter Ruine Northwest Side
Jacob Dawson
The Bronze Donkey In Salzgitter-Bad
Jacob Dawson
Lebenstedt's Iron Wheel
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