Шаан-Кая ropejumping
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Foto panoramica di Andrey EXPERT Scattata 21:00, 20/08/2011 - Views loading...


Шаан-Кая ropejumping

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A: Шаан-Кая ropejumping

di Andrey, 20 metri di distanza

Шаан-Кая ropejumping

B: Шаан-Кая ropejumping

di Andrey, 100 metri di distanza

Шаан-Кая ropejumping

C: Шаан Кая

di Vitaliy Vdovin, 320 metri di distanza

Скала Шаан Кая возле Алупки

Шаан Кая


di Konstantin Kretov, 980 metri di distanza


di Konstantin Kretov, 1.6 km di distanza

F: Opolznevoe

di Vitaliy Vdovin, 2.0 km di distanza

Крым Оползневое


G: View Alupka with Ai-Petri

di Evgeny Barsky, 2.1 km di distanza

View Alupka with Ai-Petri

H: House at the Tree - Entrance

di Deema, 2.7 km di distanza

Crimean cinematographer made his house at the big tree.

House at the Tree - Entrance

I: House at the Tree - Process of Art

di Deema, 2.7 km di distanza

The reflection at the mirror fully describes the process of movie production.

House at the Tree - Process of Art

J: View from Ai-Petri

di Max Balyura, 3.1 km di distanza

View from Ai-Petri

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