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World Cultural Heritage: Small garden in Hongcun Village

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Hongcun Village is located at the foot of the southwest side of Mt. Huangshan, It is a ancient village in the ancient village.All the buildings follow local architectural style, have exquisite carvings and are magnificent symbols of its time.The village has nice scenery - simple but elegant, a fine mixture of old houses, green hills and clear creeks.

 The Moon Pond is a half-moon shaped pond that is as smooth as a mirror and remain verdure all the year round. Blue and white cloud all drops into the pond, the sight of which is so attractive that one is hard to turn away from it. The South Lake is located in the southern part of the Hongcun Village.

 The pano was taken in the small personal garden,named “jianqinxie”.

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Anhui Province, a province of the PRC, located in the east, the Yangtze River Delta hinterland. Across the Huaihe River, Yangtze River, the three major river
systems Xin'anjiang. Provincial capital of Hefei. Anhui geographical diversity, both north and south colors. Is a southern province of Anhui Qing, Kangxi 6 years (AD 1667), analysis of southern provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and the formal province, take time Anqing, Huizhou, two governments, named after the first word. Territory Wan Shan, Anhui water, that today's Anhui Tianzhu Mountain and River, Spring and Autumn when the country was labeled Po, called Wan country, it is referred to Anhui Anhui.

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