Malerisch breitet sich der Strand aus der "Bauchlage" aus.
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M. Hundrieser
Spiekeroog-Zugang zum Sturmeck-Strand
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Küstenschutz am Westend
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Endstation der Pferde-Inselbahn
M. Hundrieser
Im Watt
M. Hundrieser
M. Hundrieser
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Ontop of the Hessen-Wall
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Groyne at the Hessen-Wall
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Campsite at the Westend
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Westend with Shore Protection
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Village as seen from the Southern Dyke
Carsten T. Rees
Spiekeroog, Chatholic Church St. Peter, Interior
Pascal Moulin
Écomusée de la vigne et du vin de Gradignan - France
Rui Fonseca
Felix Oehl
Aberdeen Marina Breakwater
Nikolay Podrezkov
Landscape Wellton park
Markin Aleksandr
Ob river of Novosibirsk (Russia) from heli
Ruediger Kottmann
Weidende Pferde beim Wankhaus
yunzen liu
Shaanxi Xi'an Mt. Huashan 17——South Peak (Landing Wild Geese Peak)
Giannis Giannas
Sunrise in Rodos
Gabor Bodis
jeremie francois
Iceland crater lakes (Viti and Oskjuvatn near Askja in Vatnajökull national park)
Igor Krucko
Ibrahim Tunca
Dumlupinar War Grave
M. Hundrieser
Im wkk in brunsbuettel germany by hmsmail gmx net
M. Hundrieser
2011panama Pan Viejo Strandsicht
M. Hundrieser
M. Hundrieser
Rocky Bights
M. Hundrieser
Nightscenes of Kusadasi
M. Hundrieser
M. Hundrieser
In einem elbkleingarten
M. Hundrieser
M. Hundrieser
M. Hundrieser
M. Hundrieser
2011panama Panviejo Unterbaum S3
M. Hundrieser
Agora- Chamber
More About Spiekeroog

The East Frisian island of Spieperoog is a paradise of long sandy beaches, sand dunes, small forests, and pollution free North Sea air. The island is located in the Wattenmeer National Park where small hiking paths cover and connect virtually the entire island. Gasoline powered cars are forbidden – bike riding and walking are the most popular means of transport on the island. The island’s only city shares the Spieleroog name. The “Künstlerhaus” (artist house) offers a wide range of artistic courses and productions. The island is an attractive destination for those who want to enjoy wind and waves in a peaceful untouched environment.