jumble sale at Bohlenplatz
Copyright: Jan koehn
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Jan Koehn
chapter house at Bohlenplatz
Jan Koehn
Anatomical Institute
Markus Lissner
Erlangen Friedrichstrasse
Jan Koehn
gynaecological clinic birth station
Jan Koehn
Jan Koehn
Uni Bibliothek
Markus Lissner
Erlangen Schlosspark
Jan Koehn
Fahrradkiste 4
Jan Koehn
Fahrradkiste 3
Jan Koehn
Historic Christmas Market - Burnt punch
Jan Koehn
Jan Koehn
Lorlebergplatz winter
Soda Lake boardwalk
Bill Heller
Sunset on the Goleta Pier
Gregory Panayotou
The Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
Gary Davies
HMS Queen Elizabeth construction, Portsmouth
Italy Intensives ECU
Via Boccaccio
Frank Taylor
Three Sisters Up Close
David Mariotti
Guardian Building, Main Lobby
Brandon Riza
Mount Tom and Basin Mountain from the Buttermilks
Thang Bui
Calligrapher Cung Khac Luoc
Willy Kaemena
ION Sky Orchard Rd.
Lukasz Michalik
Skrzyczne - 1257m - skrzyczne-1257m Winter peak
Jaime Brotóns
Panoramic aerial view over Villena, Spain
Jan Koehn
Bridge 2
Jan Koehn
Las Vegas Strip - Planet Hollywood
Jan Koehn
Jan Koehn
Cows on the alm
Jan Koehn
Holocaust Memorial
Jan Koehn
Founders Tree
Jan Koehn
Glass pyramid of the emirates
Jan Koehn
channel monument
Jan Koehn
Chaweng Beach
Jan Koehn
Harbour Museum Oevelgoenne 2
Jan Koehn
Jan Koehn
Koh Nang Yuan - sand bank
More About Erlangen

Wikipedia: Erlangen is a Middle Franconian city in Bavaria, Germany. It is located at the confluence of the river Regnitz and its large tributary, the Untere Schwabach. Erlangen has more than 100,000 inhabitants.Erlangen is today dominated by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the numerous branch offices of Siemens AG, as well as a large Institute of the Fraunhofer Society. An event that still influences the city was the settlement of Huguenots after the withdrawal of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.