Bayterek view from bribge

Bayterek its location and composition structure is cosmogonic representations of ancient nomads, according to legend which takes place at the junction of the worlds world river. On its bank stands tree of life - Baiterek, back restraint ground, and a crown holding up the sky. The roots of this tree, respectively, are in the underworld, the tree itself, its trunk - the earthly, and the crown - in heaven.

Each year in the crown sacred bird Samruk lays an egg - the Sun, which swallows the dragon Aydahar, who lives at the foot of the tree of life, which symbolically means replacing the summer and winter, day and night, the fight between good and evil.

Baiterek "means a young, strong, growing tree, symbolizes the state, preserving its historical roots, has a strong foothold and aspirations for the future prosperity

Copyright: Renat mansurov
Type: Spherical
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Tags: monument kazakhstan усть-каменогорск ust'-kamenogorsk; bayterek
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