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Near the lighthouse
Copyright: Vladimir Chumachenko
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 15768x7884
Taken: 17/09/2009
Caricate: 10/05/2011
Aggiornato: 25/09/2014
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Tags: ялта; маяк; крым; круизный теплоход; msc opera; yalta; lighthouse; crimea; sea; pier; Черное море
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Dmitry Sverdlov
Crimea, Yalta, view from the pier #9
Streets of Yalta. Yacht moored at the wharf
Vladimir Chumachenko
Ялта, пирс после дождя
Dmitry Sverdlov
Crimea, Yalta, Marino
Vladimir Chumachenko
Ялта, вход на набережную
Vitaliy Vdovin
Ялтинская набережная зимой
Vladimir Chumachenko
Yalta, embankment in rain
Anton Goida
Yalta quay
Vladimir Chumachenko
Yalta, Cruise ship "Marshal Koshevoy" 2
Vladimir Chumachenko
Rainy day in Yalta
Vladimir Chumachenko
Yalta, superbikes
Anton Goida
Clock roof Yalta
Simona Bartolomei
Devil's Bridge
Toni Garbasso
Piazza Indipendenza
Gergely Szekrenyi
Cala Sabina
Bernd Dohrmann - www.360Bilder.de
Cap de Formentor - Mallorca
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Das Es! #2
Tibor Illes
Mathias king palace
Igor Marx
Excalibur 08 hannover
Tibor Illes
Visegrad fortress lookout point
Artur Paluta
Chisinau - Church - Schimbarea La Fata a Mantuitorului
Carlos Chegado
Hotel Lido Estoril Roof Top View
Alex Avgustinov - Valentis Studio
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Esslingen Bahhofstrasse
Vladimir Chumachenko
Snow in city. Panorama from "Old town"
Vladimir Chumachenko
Autumn evening at the fountain in Gurzuf
Vladimir Chumachenko
Dsc 3036 Panorama Pt Full 80
Vladimir Chumachenko
Botanical garden
Vladimir Chumachenko
Pierce on the beach in Gurzuf
Vladimir Chumachenko
Closure of the season at the beach. 15 september
Vladimir Chumachenko
Football game. Second Ukraine ligue
Vladimir Chumachenko
Вид на Симеиз со скалы "Дива" перед сильным ливнем
Vladimir Chumachenko
Railways station
Vladimir Chumachenko
Snow in Simferopol. Aerial view from mountain 2
Vladimir Chumachenko
Simferopol, Serova street
Vladimir Chumachenko
Simferopol, Pyramid and department store
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