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Yan An Qingliangshan Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery-2007
Shaanxi Province

Yenan Mt. Qingliang ancient name Wanfu Temple, this bedstone memorial arch was in 1984 constructs, on engraved “Wanfu Temple” peacefully three is renowned calligrapher Mr. Shu Tong paints. Above what the memorial arch engraves is Eight Immortals birthday celebration, the phoenix play peony, the rhinoceros full moon, seahorse Chaoyang. Two on the one hand joint languages are “two Shui Raozuo the early morning look at on the other hand the fine range tower the smoke, eight scenery went around a mountain the night to the phoenix building last month”. Right flank the memorial arch the place above carved stone prefatory remarks are “the nobility Yongji bridge”, the nobility is bright the generation of Hongzhi year Yenan Governor Wang Yan is wonderful, the Yongji bridge is he in the Hongzhi 17 years (1504) the bridge which repairs in Yan River, some 24 bridge openings, bridge's position under Yan River, acrosses a bridge after the big east gate enters extends the peaceful city. Because Yan River has the flood frequently, the Yongji bridge is washed away. Present's Yenan bridge was in 1959 the country constructs. Along the right hand stone steps on, is New China Bookstore's former site, “the New China Bookstore” four character paints personally by Chairman Mao Zedong. in September, 1939, the central publication issue department was founded officially, manages the publication, printing, the release work, instructed the regional related matters concerned. This is in Chinese modern publication history milestone , after founding of the nation our country published the business of distribution raise to exercise one batch of backbones. Approves said: This Shan Heyi name. Some 10,000 year invariable cool; Life who and altogether. Bows with hands clasped 3000 to endure the image of Buddha kindly.

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Tags: yan'an; pagoda hill; ling temple; tower; temple; 360 degrees; pictures; china; shaanxi; asia; panoramic; 2007
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More About Shaanxi Province

Shanxi, Shaanxi, or referred to Qin, also known as Shaanxi, China's northwest region, a province, the provincial capital Xi'an, located in the hinterland of China, the Yellow River and Yangtze River, located in east longitude 105 ° 29 '~ 111 ° 15', Latitude 31 ° 42 '~ 39 ° 35' between. East of Shanxi, Henan, west of Ningxia, Gansu, south of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, north, connecting China living in east and central region and the northwest and southwest of the important position. Because of the Shan Zhou (now Shan County in Henan Province) west of the, so called Shaanxi. Long history and profound culture. Longer period in the history of Shaanxi Province has been referred to as "Qin. "